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"Existential psychotherapy is [...] an exceedingly practical, concrete, positive and flexible approach. At its best, existential psychotherapy squarely and soberly confronts the 'ultimate concerns' and sometimes tragic 'existential facts of life': death, finitude, fate, freedom, responsibility, loneliness, loss, suffering, meaninglessness, and evil. Existential psychotherapy is concerned with more deeply comprehending and alleviating as much as possible (without naively denying reality and la condition humaine) pervasive postmodern symptoms such as excessive anxiety, apathy, alienation, nihilism, avoidance, shame, addiction, despair, depression, guilt, anger, rage, resentment, embitterment, purposelessness, psychosis and violence as well as promoting the meaningful, life-enhancing experiences of relationship, love, caring, commitment, courage, creativity, power, will, presence, spirituality, individuation, self-actualization, authenticity, acceptance, transcendence and awe.”

Diamond, S. A. (2009). What Is Existential Therapy? Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion, 304-305.

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